Sky Blue Dreams


"Life doesn't get easier and more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient."

-Steve Maraboli

Hypno/Coaching Testimonials

Weight Loss / Management

‘This class helped me become aware of what was causing me to overeat.
I lost 22 pounds in 4 months. I highly recommend this class for anyone with weight issues.’

‘Probably the best money I’ve spent on me!’

‘It was well worth the money, and most of all worth my time.’

‘I have finally lost weight – I’ve learned to believe in myself. The class made me feel much better.’

‘You help people believe in themselves.’

‘I lost 15 pounds and 7 inches in the six weeks of class.’

‘It more than met my expectations, because I feel motivated and better understand the brain’s influence on diet and life’

Stress Management

‘Far superior to my expectations. The most beneficial was the open format which invited questions and discussions.’

‘Class was far greater than I expected. It was exceptional’

‘I really liked the emphasis on the ability to change.’

‘I was always anxious to come even though I was tired from work. When I left I always felt refreshed.’

‘I enjoyed attending class each week. I enjoyed the stories & experiences of all, I felt the group came together and cared for each other. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the outcome has been great!’

‘Time goes by so fast, I wish the workshop went on longer.’

‘Makes me feel that I am not in this alone. We all have our problems & stress to deal with. I learned to push my stop button when things become overwhelming.’

‘The class was very enlightening. I learned a lot about myself and feel much better about myself. I listen to the CD every night. I am sleeping much better.’

‘Fascinating, very informative and useful – not the usual stress-relief kind of stuff – totally empowering.’

‘I was always anxious to attend class even though I was tired from work. When I left I always felt refreshed.’

This card was written by one of the kids in the Mindfulness program that Sky Blue Dreams has done in an Oxford, WI elementary school.