Past Life Regression

The book, “The Quest for Bridey Murphy” was on the best seller list for 26 weeks in the 1950’s. It is the story of  Virginia Tighe who, under hypnosis, learned that she had a previous life as Bridey Murphy. Bridey Murphy lived in Ireland during the 1800’s.  Virginia was able to recount her experiences growing up in Ireland and her death. Virginia Tighe was born in the United Sates in 1924.
         A past life regression is like a key toy your past.     

After reading this book, many people who were unfamiliar with this concept of past lives became interested in learning more about reincarnation. The theory of reincarnation maintains that after we die our soul is born into another body. Many people believe that this process continues until we learn the lessons we were sent here to experience. A hypnotist can help you learn about your past lives using a technique called past life or age regression.

It is believed that acknowledging something that happened in the past will clear emotional and physical blocks in this life.

I have done many past life regressions and some are very helpful to the person that is regressed. There was a young man that had been in both the army and the air force but was happy when his enlistment was over. Then he decided to go into yet another branch of the service. He had a past life regression and went back to Vietnam where he was in a ambush and killed. He told me all of his information which I was able to find on the Vietnam Wall. It is thought that sometimes we return to finish something we started in a former life. Perhaps we are in a bad relationship with a person our soul remembers as having been a good relationship in a past life. A past life may be able to help your heart understand the lesson that is being learned. 

As with any hypnosis session you will find what your subconscious is ready for. There this no dial to guarantee you will find a specific life time or human connection.

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