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$120.00 Per Year

Online Class

"Life doesn't get easier and more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient."

-Steve Maraboli

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Sky Blue Dreams


Online Class

$10.00 Per Month

Deliciously Juicy, Magical Life of Wonder

        Lessons from Clyde the Tumor

"If we match the frequency of the reality we want, we can't help but get that reality."


If you want your reality to be magical, juicy and full of delicious wonder this is a class for you.

You will receive ways to increase your frequency and vibrations in this class. 

Every month a class that includes 20 minutes segments about the brain/mind/spirit. This will  include information and techniques to make a stronger brain and help you slip past dementia and Alzheimer's. There will be techniques to help you focus and improve your memory. There are foods that make your brain stronger.  In this class you will understand that we need to protect our telomers which are the ends of our DNA strands that control our aging. There will be many ways that you can create scaffolding in your brain. I think that the story of the Nun study from Professor Snowdon at the university of Kentucky is amazing. Sister Mary lived to 101 and she continually passed the cognitive tests until her death, however when they opened her brain she had the classic signs of a late stage Alzheimer's disease. In this class you will learn what we can do to learn from this 31 year study.

20 minutes will be about your body and include information about essential oils, recipes for foods that are both delicious and good for you. The body section will also contain movement including yoga. There really is no division of our body and mind. In 1641 Rene Descartes believed that the mind and the body were separate and the body could not think. This has been a debate for many years but now we know that our mind is not only found in our brain which is an organ, but our mind is found in every cell. We know that under hypnosis I can convince a person that they are cold and they will shiver and a few minutes later that the temperature is 100 degrees. Our body has cell memory which you can use to change your body.

The Spirit section will be about what inspires us. You will find stories about people, nature, music, poetry and art. What makes your heart sing. What if you could change your mood, get rid of a habit or physically change your body by finding something that inspires you. This class will help you find what inspires you and makes your heart sing and your body vibrate at a higher frequency.

​Everything will include laughter because I believe we raise our vibes the fastest when we laugh,  love our bodies and each other. 

There will be a relaxation healing meditation.​​ Interviews will be conducted with people that have knowledge in their field and will teach us some self-care.  The last piece and something that will give us the curiosity our brain craves is when I highlight another county. You will learn please and thank you in different languages, a new recipe, a wellness tip from that country and other tidbits. 

All of this costs $10 a month or $120 a year. This is less than two sessions! In fact It is $120 for about 24 hours or a $1680 value for $120.

If a friend signs up with you you will get a prize to raise your vibrations.  You can't lose with this offer because if after the first month you don't like the the class or me I will return the $10 for the first month.