Sky Blue Dreams


​Years ago friends of my girls started to call me Mama Jane.  I met more and more young woman that didn't know my children but also spontaneously started to call me Mama Jane. But it was when a very special young woman started to call me Mamacita that the idea for the Mamacitas happiness camp came to be created. The class will be held in the Wisconsin Dells area on Friday June 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2019. That is the Summer Soltice a time to start fresh, because it is a new season in your life. Clear the old blocks that are holding you back you can and then start to celebrate the light that you are inside. Take this time to learn how to slow down and savor life.

 I chose these dates because the energy is the highest it will be during the year. You will learn how to move the energy in your body, your relationships and your home. When you do this you will notice wonderful changes in your physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

​A Mamacita is a little mama or a hot mama! Sometimes as woman we like to nurture people and connect with mother earth but there are times we want to be a hot mama. At this camp we will explore all areas of us. You will learn techniques to change your life and the lives around you but the best thing is that you will laugh!

The stress will melt away and you will celebrate the woman you are inside! You will be a Mamacita!

If you want more detailed information you will find it here in the early spring. I am collecting others to bring a variety of information. Make sure you are on my email list so I can keep you up to date which you can do back on the home page or   email me at or follow me on facebook/janegovoni you can connect directly on the home page.