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Sky Blue Dreams Hypno/Coaching

"Life doesn't get easier and more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient."

-Steve Maraboli

​​​If you are involved in any sports and want to improve your ability to hit a ball harder and  straighter, run faster,  or improve your aim, you may have thought about working with a coach. A sports coach is someone who will help you see what you are doing and how you can improve.

A Hypno/Coach can see the choices you are repeating and the words that you are using to create the life you are living. If you want to excel in life, relationships, health or just live happier– then get a life coach.

What does a hypno/coaching session include, and does a combined hypnosis and life coaching work?

First I will listen to what is going on in your life and what you would like to change.

Sometimes we create a self-fulfilling prophecy with the negative words we use in our self-talk. Studies show the power of negative thoughts and how they can create and affect our reality. Knowing this will have and being aware of your thoughts can give you the personal power you need to change your life.

I will teach you how to re-frame your thoughts. This simple technique can make you feel better and help you to make the changes in you desire. An example of re-framing is thinking – I am old and grey and then changing it to I am wise and my hair is silver. Re-framing  can change your reality and life.

I will help you create a life plan and show you how to manifest your dreams.

Let me help you let go of what no longer works and begin living the life you’ve dreamed of.

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