Sky Blue Dreams



Neuro-lymphatic reflex points

When you press and massage these points the lymph glands dump the toxins into the blood supply so you can eliminate them. The lymph systems job is to detoxify the body but it doesn't have a pump, it relies on us moving. It is a reflex just like when you hit the knee and it jumps.When you massage the reflex points it causes the organ that is associated with it to release both the toxins and move the energy.

Neuro-vascular reflex points

These points move any stagnant blood, hormone movement and calms the nervous system to stop the flight and fight response and calm the brain. Touch these lightly as you release the excess energy.

Four Thumps on the meridians. Remember the meridians are are the energy highways in our body. These are are where the needles are placed in acupuncture to move energy that is stuck.

1. Tap the end of the kidney meridians under the collar bones. The kidney meridian wakes the life force. 

2. Tap the thymus gland on the breast bone

3. Tap the end of the spleen meridian on a line under the breast and along the side seam. You can tap here to metabolize both food and emotions

4. Tap the end of the stomach meridian. They are found under the eye bone right under the iris. If you tap around the eye bones you will hit the bladder and the gallbladder meridians. 

Cross Crawl---When you are ill, tired physically or emotionally your energy flows on one side at a time to save energy. Neurologists want you to do a cross crawl touching right elbow to the left knee and the left elbow to the right knee.