"Life doesn't get easier and more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient."

-Steve Maraboli

Certification Testimonials

Sky Blue Dreams


Following are some of the comments received from participants in  Weight Loss, Stress Management and Certification Classes.

Hypnosis Certification Class     (Fall, 2015 Class)

“The training was extremely thorough, giving a good view of the whole process. I enjoyed it very much.  Thank you, Jane.”   -Tina

“After 5 years of wanting to take this class….  Jane has been a life-changer for me.  I received so much more education than I ever thought possible. Great class!
I’ve not only learn how to be a hypnotist, I learned how I can be a better person to myself and others.   Thank you, Jane!”

“You are a wonderful instructor as usual. I have learned a lot that I feel I can use in my life and new career. I would like to have been hypnotized so I know in my mind how I should feel with self-hypnosis. I thought the hands-on scattered was a good way to do it.  All the lessons you added I feel are very important part of helping the folks that come to us. I did like that it was broken up into 4-day slots to give us time to absorb and look up things. I wish more people had asked questions during out time off, but what we did have was very helpful.”   – Angela

“Your information was very valuable. I have a lot of information, which I’m already using. It was worth the money.  I also feel your teaching style worked very well for my method of learning.  (I’d be better with something besides the 4 day sessions. By the fourth day I had more difficulty learning than on the first day.)”  

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping

‘The most positive thing about this EFT workshop was affirming myself through EFT and thinking about what I am doing to my body?’

‘This program helped me to experience a change within myself. I definitely received a boost and would recommend it to anyone.’

‘I am doing so much better since I started with you and learned to tap.’

‘I really liked the emphasis on the ability to change. To release my negatively charged emotions feels so freeing. I feel lighter!!!!!!!’