Sky Blue Dreams


Jane is available to speak at your business about  stress management  and wellness. Jane has spent 20 years  obsessed with brain health and our ability to change our life. 

The goal of every talk is to take the latest research and make it useable in everyone's everyday life. To do this she uses stories and every day examples  and simple techniques to see quick changes. 


Often businesses find after a group talk they want individual wellness coaching, hypnotherapy  sessions or monthly wellness talks.

 There are many options available such as a one time group talk,  monthly talks, individual coaching or a combination.

There is a wide range of businesses that use these services :

Brakebush---  awarded the Top Family Business in the state has been using these services for 11 years.

Wyocena Nursing Home

Little Academy of Learners

Lake Delton Integrative  Dean Clinic--10 years 

​If you are interested in learning more about a way to make a healthier and happier workplace population contact Jane at or call 608-697-4457