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"Life doesn't get easier and more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient."

-Steve Maraboli

Faith Love and Hypnosis

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Faith, Love and Hypnosis

In 1998 I experienced a major stoke caused by a rare brain disease. There is no treatment for this condition and I was told I had lost a third of my brain and if I survived, which was not expected, I would be in a nursing home.

Faith Love and Hypnosis is the story of my healing journey.

Everything I teach has to do with resilience. If we are resilient we can heal. It doesn’t matter whether you find yourself in an emotional crisis, a physical illness or are struggling with a spiritual question.

My book is full of ideas you can use to become more resilient so you can better handle life if you should find yourself in a crisis. You will be able to use these ideas to protect yourself from stress which is the leading cause of illness.

My book, Faith, Love and Hypnosis,  is about my walk through the dismal swamp of recovering from a stroke but it isn’t all doom and gloom sadness. I hope that parts of my story will make you laugh. Humor was a vital part of my healing journey.  and think about your own ability to bounce back from whatever lessons life provides for you.

Faith, Love and Hypnosis will give you the confidence to know that you too can become more resilient and can actively participate in your healing journey.

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